Health and safety statement

Total Environmental Technology Ltd believes that there is no other function within our organisation that is more important than the management of health, safety and welfare. As a company, we actively promote a positive safety culture at all levels of the organisation. In addition, the company will endeavour to achieve and maintain the highest possible standards in health, safety and welfare.

It is the policy of Total Environmental Technology Ltd to comply fully with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and all other subsequent relevant legislation. We strive to ensure that we are fully, legally compliant at all times in order to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all of our employees, clients, contractors and the general public.

Total Environmental Technology Ltd’s overriding health and safety objective is to minimise instances of occupational accidents and illnesses, with the ultimate goal of achieving an incident free workplace.

The management team at Total Environmental Technology Ltd lead from the front in promoting health and safety across the organisation and are dedicated to providing every employee with the training and resources necessary to carry out their tasks safely. We also ensure that all our plant, equipment and vehicles are regularly maintained and inspected in accordance with the relevant statutory duties by our team of expert mechanics.

The company has implemented an Occupational Health and Safety management system in line with ISO 45001:2018. As part of our commitments to our occupational health and safety management system we aim to continuously improve our health and safety performance and regularly monitor and audit our systems to ensure we are legally compliant and identify areas of improvement.

We regularly consult with our employees at all levels to ensure continuous and effective communication on health and safety issues, as we believe involving employees in the process improves safety culture and subsequent hazard, near miss and accident reporting.

Total Environmental Technology Ltd continuously monitor and update our Health and Safety Policy to ensure it remains effective and appropriate to the nature and scale of our operations. Senior Management formally review all policies and management systems on an annual basis as a minimum.