Recycling of drilling fluids & cuttings

Total Environmental’s composting sites provide a 100% recycling solution for oil and water-based drilling fluids and muds from on shore and off shore operations.

Our composting operations have successfully recycled these fluids and sludges away from landfill operations, allowing drilling companies an Eco-friendly system that offers full cradle to grave trace-ability (footprint). The fluids and sludges (cuttings) are blended with a carbon source (usually shredded and macerated green waste). Decomposition commences immediately, pyramids are formed and the material is taken to temperatures in excess of 60ÂșC, thus allowing a complete pathogen kill. The process results in an end product that is suitable for both land reclamation and land remediation, also being promoted as a soil conditioner or enhancer. Many drilling companies operating in the UK have and are still benefiting from using our other facilities. We offer a comprehensive total in-house operation (thus avoiding the need for third party involvement) and show a fully documented audit trail.

Complimentary service

Provided to all customers of Total Environmental Technology Ltd free of charge; Training, landfill tax, packaging regulations, special waste regulations and advice on waste recycling