Land spread

At Total Environmental Technology Ltd, we share today’s concern for the welfare of our environment. As public attitudes have hardened against traditional forms of waste management, we have responded accordingly. Although this industry continues to place reliance on landfill and dilution methods, Land Injection supplements these older techniques to give our service the most environmentally friendly, though cost effective direction.

Total Environmental Technology Ltd have access to hundreds of hectares of agricultural land with the capacity to receive approximately 30-40 tonnes per hour of injected material. The safety of such disposals will be ensured by prior sampling of the material and subsequent sample analysis. Soil/crop compatibility studies are a part of our eco-considerate programme.

Environment agency approval of intended work will be sought through sample analysis and accredited reports produced for its consideration. Subject to such approval being granted, all documentation including any agency reports will be provided with our quotation.

Complimentary service

Provided to all customers of Total Environmental Technology Ltd free of charge; Training, landfill tax, packaging regulations, special waste regulations and advice on waste recycling