Land Clearance and Decontamination

Derelict sites that have been neglected and disused for a long period of time are often found in a heavily contaminated state. This is due to unregulated industrial activity from previous years in sight of the industrial revolution. Companies such as Total Environmental Technology are aiding the initiative to renew such land sites into something that can be used for a new purpose. This is all done with sustainable development and public health in mind for future generations.

Typical scenarios include soil and water contaminated by; asbestos, hydrocarbons, heavy metal, chemicals and invasive plant species.

Our services include:

  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Clinical Waste
  • Asbestos Disposal
  • Site Clearance
  • Full demolition and concrete/rubble processing (including screening and crushing),
    plus aggregate production

Complimentary service

Provided to all customers of Total Environmental Technology Ltd free of charge; Training, landfill tax, packaging regulations, special waste regulations and advice on waste recycling